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30.08 - 7.09.2024

Sing, Act  play!

Join us for an exciting week-long opera project in Tübingen, Germany, from August 30th to September 7th, 2024. We'll be learning and performing Bastian & Bastienne, a charming opera by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, written when he was just 12 years old!

What to expect

No prior choir experience needed!

Just bring your love for singing and acting.

Meet the team

A group of dedicated professionals will make sure to bring closer the beauty of music and performance.


  • Don't miss this chance

    to sing, act, and have a blast with Mozart's enchanting opera! 

    130/per child

    20€ registration fee

     *Contact us if you have a "BonsCard"


    • 7 days of fun workshops
    • 50+ hours of activities with professionals
    • Live performance with live orchestra
    • Meals included
  • An all-round successful project in which the children participated enthusiastically and which was organized very professionally and lovingly by the leaders. The songs were sung throughout the following year and vacation planning had to be arranged so that the children could take part again.

    David, 45

  • The opera project sing!@Tübingen was a lot of fun for us. We learned a lot about singing, and the music was very beautiful! It was great to rehearse, make music, and play together for a whole week!

    Tamina Lever & Jonathan Lever, 11 and 9 years old

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