04.09. - 07.09.2024

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Master classes for historical performance practice
Telemann - diversity, respect and belief in the positive power of music


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Participate in chamber music lessons with all teachers and develop your ensemble skills and musical interpretation in a supportive group environment.

Georg Philipp Telemann at Vielklang

Georg Philipp Telemann is undoubtedly one of the great composers of the 18th century. Long underestimated in comparison to Bach, his compositions are now considered masterful products of a truly European spirit. As a polyglot, internationally active networker, equally at home in the various styles of musical high baroque, Telemann is the prototype of mixed, gallant taste.

and Legacy

Across his extensive lifespan, Telemann seamlessly transitioned into the realm of early classical music, crafting poignant compositions well into his advanced years. This journey underscores Telemann's lasting imprint on musical history, highlighting his ability to evolve and resonate within the dynamic landscape of his era.


A core aspect of Telemann's music - similar to Haydn's - is a relaxed humor as an expression of his positive world view. His orchestral and chamber music works are inexhaustible for flutes, oboe, violin, viola, cello, gamba, harpsichord, and his operas and cantatas characteristically showcase the human voice.


The performance of his music is always smooth and idiomatic. His orchestral and chamber music works are inexhaustible for flutes, oboe, violin, viola, cello, gamba, harpsichord, and his operas and cantatas characteristically showcase the human voice.


Telemann's huge oeuvre is ideal terrain for the Vielklang 2024 master class. Diversity, appreciation, internationality, and belief in the positive power of music are, so to speak, a reflection of the idea of the master classes in Tübingen in Telemann's enlightened worldview.


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Non-refundable processing fee. 
The processing fee is €150 after July 1st.
Payment proof must be sent no later than 2 weeks after filling in the registration form.
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Regular individual lessons with the head of your studio
Regular chamber music classes with all faculty members
Opportunities to practice and rehearse with fellow participants
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Non-obligatory, but highly recommended to hear and inspire from the vielklang festival musicians.
Hear over 15 performances
Discount for students, apprentices, and individuals up to 35 years old.
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Course duration
18 - 25 AUG, 2024
Registration deadline
 15 AUG, 2024
Course location
Uhlandstrasse 24
72072 Tuebingen
Who can participate?
Highly qualified adolescent students
Music students
Professional musicians
Accommodation is not included in the course fee, but we are here to assist you in finding suitable options. Contact Dr. Magdalene Geiger-Thiedemann for support. There is occasionally the opportunity to stay for free or for €10 per night with members of the Vielklang Association.
Suggested Timeframe
August 18th
by 18:00h
Masterclasses and Concerts
Attend the masterclasses and optionally the vielklang concerts during your stay
no earlier than
August 26th
You are welcome to stay more!